Three weeks after Show the Loo version 2 launch

We are very happy with the initial feedback received for version 2 of ShowTheLoo, three weeks after its launch. Which dear reader if you haven’t downloaded it already, can be accessed here on the iTunes App Store.┬áSome updates on its overall placement, ratings and a visualisation of all (!) the loos across Australia we are covering in this entry…

First of all, the best indicator of success: the ranking before and after. We are now in the Top 10 of the Australian Navigation app category whereas before we were somewhere in the Top 25.┬áThe current rating is 4.5 stars (!) which will slowly but surely – or so is my hope – pull up the overall rating which was based on thousands of users who downloaded the initial two versions that were quite slow really as we had had to implement our own custom integration of Google Maps from the web.

And the loo app competition of ToiletMate has been pushed below the magical rank of place twenty-five which I’d say is a fair evaluation of the apps current offerings as it was never updated since its original release, does not integrate the government official data and costs $1 at the same time… I am unable to find out the rank of the official government app at the moment which i can not find in the Health&Fitness nor Navigation categories.

We’ll be releasing a minor update with the updated government data shortly. We are not sure about new feature developments but are considering an augmented reality version (wouldn’t that be sweet?).

I had some fun playing around in visualising the toiletmap data provided by the Department of Health and Ageing. Here is all the public loos of Australia spread across Australia.

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